CRM for big companies
One of the market leaders and expert in non-standart projects

Kub3 is one of the market leaders in SuiteCRM implementation for big companies from various business sectors and with different business goals. To help you achieve your business goals, we analyze your existing business processes, identify improvement possibilities, develop CRM, train your staff and continue adjusting the system to the new tasks in line with your business development.

Complex business models

Banks, yachting, international real estate companies

300 000 USD

Cost of our biggest
project to date

3 000 000 users

Work with
CRM every day

Why do we work only with SuiteCRM?

Dmitry Lunevsky

Sale Director

Thanks to its open source code SuiteCRM can be refined to the company’s goals. It means that we can implement a system that will meet all requirements of the business, be it processes automation, time-management optimization, reduction of call centre workload or sales growth.

We create a system that solves unique tasks.

We do not offer standard template solutions, we develop an individual project. To do this, we meet with a client:

  • To discuss the project and identify what goals the client wants to achieve with the control system;
  • We interview the employees of the company to find out how we can facilitate and simplify their work;
  • We find ways to solve both problems: to achieve the goals of the company and facilitate work of employees.

We strive to automate the most important processes, even if they are not directly related to CRM. For example, for one of our clients we developed a staff accounting system. It recorded staff arrival times, showed profitability of each branch and calculated salaries, bonuses, overtimes, penalties. It simplified control of deadlines and labour costs and significantly saved time of accounting department.

Over 3,000,000 users are already using our CRM daily.

Your employees will love the new system, even if are used to notepad and stickers

Sometimes changes might cause resistance, and employees might continue using pen and paper instead of making records in the system. This might create a distorted impression that the system does not work.

We use the following 3 approaches to help users understand
the benefits of the system:


We ask users which tasks they consider most repetitive and time-consuming – and automatize them


We introduce penalties for not using the system. For example, only sales deals recorded in the system will be considered for bonus calculation. In addition, we integrated CRM into 1C Enterprise, so that sales force could check status of the customers’ invoices, thus reducing number of requests to the accounting.


We provide training materials and deliver distance and in-house trainings.

As a result, the employees get the same understanding of tools and get involved in work.

We assign a project team

We will assign a team of dedicated specialists with minimum 4-years’ experience to work on your
project. We do not subcontract our work, we carry out projects with the team of our permanent specialists.

  • they have same approach to the development
  • they continue learning as they work together using some engineering practices. For example, they will perform a code review, i.e. code testing or proof reading, in order to find discrepancies in code language or discrepancies between the code and the target.

In case of contract termination, we will give over source codes, so that you would be able to continue developing the system

Some vendors would lock customers to their solution, locking the source code and project implementation details. Should the customer opt for another vendor or continue developing the system independently, they would need to extract the data through interface.
What differs us from other vendors, we will give over the source code and our recommendations in case of contract termination. We thus protect your investments and simplify further development for you, saving your time and costs on data extraction.

Our meetings are free

Our office is located in Israel, but we are happy to work with clients from other cities. Project cost includes several personal meetings, while skype calls facilitate work.

When do companies seek our services?

  • Who we work with
  • Who we do not work with

Which companies seek our services? These are large companies that want to automate their project work, sales and all business processes. They are ready to invest into the business development. As an estimation, our largest project cost is 200 000 $.


Big manufacturing

Financial sector / banking

Complex projects and services

Real estate agencies with a vast brokers network

Luxury goods, e.g. yachts

We might not be able to help if your budget for CRM is several thousand roubles. A good implementation requires a thorough business analysis and development, and we do not compromise on quality. As an estimation, our less expensive project cost is 500K RUB.


Consumer goods


Quick sales:
call – order - payment

Our mission is to gain deep understanding of our customers’ business and create a CRM that will help them reach their goals.

There are no impossible missions for us. We undertake complex projects: we automate work of large businesses that serve thousands of customers each month: factories, banks, construction companies, customs brokers, yachting companies, and travel agencies.
We will find a proper solution for any kind of business, even if we haven’t got a similar project in our portfolio yet.

We have 15 specialists in our team

many of them have been working with Kub3 from the very start. Our programmers have 10 years of experience. We do not work with subcontractors.

We work with B2B and B2C companies

and companies working on long-term expensive and complex contracts.

We follow internal rules of development

During one of the specialists’ absence another team member will cover the job

Project manager is available at any time

He will manage the team, organize working processes, align work with your IT team and will answer all your questions.


Company growth


  • We worked on small projects based on SuiteCRM CE
  • Our team consisted of one full time programmer and a manager covering various tasks: sales, business analysis, preparing training materials and conducting user trainings
  • We did not have team of testers


  • We got projects worth 10K $
  • Programmers team includes 4 full time in-house specialists
  • We hired a tester and a business analyst
  • We arranged conferences for our clients and CRM developers
  • We implemented our first international project


  • We got projects worth 300K$
  • Programmers team increased to 20 specialists
  • Our portfolio includes 200 projects
  • We use many ready-to-go modules and add-ons that make our projects more time and cost-effective

The company's office is located in Israel

Israel, Netanya, Yehuda Halevi 3

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