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We offer a custom technical solution especially for your business:
  • We examine your business processes from every angle, detect disadvantages and deficiencies of the system and improve respective advantages
  • Our CRM accomplishes specific tasks of your business, helps staff to learn main tools, and keeps up with new processes
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Why SuiteCRM?

SuiteCRM helps managing all your processes: data analytics, interactions with leads and customers, marketing and business processes.

The best open source CRM on the market

More than 1 000 000 users have already installed SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM is available in a dozen of languages

The benefits of SuiteCRM implementation

  • You spend less time and effort on troubleshooting because the software works on any computer without installing

  • SuiteCRM is constantly being improved to be on the same page with the world's technical innovations - just update the CRM and you're on the latest version to meet new goals and business challenges.

  • You don’t have to purchase any license

  • CRM can be integrated with your site, programs and other software

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The best CRM system of the year

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Customization of SuiteCRM systems

Collect customer database

Create Pipeline and monitor sales

Use Online Calendar and schedule new tasks and events

Improve your customer management

And these are just the basic features of SuiteCRM!

We analyze your unique business needs and develop tools and add-ons which make work things much easier

We have already customized and installed SuiteCRM for more than 200 companies, and look we have accomplished:

We reduce the time spent on implementation and setup. We launch the first stage in 2-4 months.

We helped save a lot of companies’ money. We don’t create modules from scratch, so you spend less.

We offered and integrated new creative solutions. Our engineers and managers build each CRM having a lot of successful experience under their belt.

We always launch on time. We don't accept delays. We always stick to plans, as we are used to great time management.

Our CRM works in different companies and industries

Manufacturing companies

Financial organizations

IT start-ups and companies

Companies in the travel industry

Construction companies

Non-standard projects and complex industry

SuiteCRM is an easy-to-use and intuitive software

Here is actually what implementation of SuiteCRM systems looks like:

Kub3 improves the performance of your company

We solve complex problems and tasks.
Even companies that operate in the same industry have different business processes and goals.
This is why we do not offer template solutions for automation, we develop unique CRM solutions that help solving specific tasks of your company.

Interview with Dmitry Lunevsky

Sale Director

CRM implementation can solve many tasks: streamline business processes, speed up work, increase sales productivity, reduce errors and improve call center operation. But we must consider business processes and goals of a particular company.

100 000 000 users use our CRM solutions every day

We develop unique solutions to unusual projects

We focus on your business goals and develop CRM solution to achieve these goals. We analyse as-is business processes and find improvement possibilities. At the same time we take into account your 'wants and needs' and offer our experiences how to implement the project quickly and economically.


We strive to automate the most important business processes. For example, we implemented some creative solutions based on the platform:

  • HR agency - vacancies and candidates registration;
  • Health club - schedule of workouts for members, considering their objectives and health indicators;
  • Marketing and advertising agency - a system of bonuses based on the analysis of user behavior on website, etc.
Irina Levina
Marketing Director, Skobeev & Partners


As Alexander Suvorov said, “Hard to learn, easy to fight”. We were suffering hard time of work with different companies on CRM implementation when suddenly the company KUB 3 became our strategic partner in creating CRM for our clients and led us to success.

I'm telling you about the project of an international commercial real estate company.

The task was to find a CRM solution that would be perfect in real estate business. We studied 5 versions with 57 parameters and found out that only Suite CRM could get through all the tasks assigned to control transactions and work with real estate objects. And it could be adapted to business processes.


We assign a dedicated team experienced in developing CRM for you.

Project team will be assigned based on the customers’ goals and will include as many specialists as the business requires.
Our programmers/developers' experience in CRM implemening is for at least 4 years.
Mutual learning and control through engineering practices. For example, developers took over the practice of Google and use code review. Two-level testing before delivery: code testing performed by an independent developer, and only after bug testing is performed.

Project team:
Business analyst
  • Match business goals with automation capabilities;
  • Offers ways to streamline processes;
  • Helps with reporting and KPI
Project manager
  • Manages the project and the team;
  • Arranges meetings;
  • Clarifies issues;
  • Offers solutions within CRM system
Technical writer
  • Responsible for project documentation;
  • Provides instructions and develops standard procedures;
  • Programs and test methods
  • Check all the functionality under different roles;
  • Perform load testing;
  • Carry out autotests
  • Develop modules;
  • Carry out the integration
System architect
  • Performs the integration;
  • Responsible for embedding the system into the customer's IT-infrastructure
System Administrator
  • Installs the system on the customer's server;
  • Creates a test environment.
  • Customizes and optimizes the DBMS.
  • Helps users;
  • Examines errors;
  • Sets tasks for the correction and for improvement of the system
Grankov Yuri
Director of Business Development, Marketing and Public Relations, AMOND & SMITH.

Our company considers the implementation of CRM system to be a very important stage in business development. Therefore, when conducting a tender to select a contractor, we checked the companies thoroughly not only in terms of meeting our requirements, but also looking for a provider with a clean reputation. The existing customers of Kub3 spoke of the work of the company only positively, which influenced our choice. Now we are ready to join these reviews with confidence, because we know that Kub3 is the company focused on client's interests and needs: the representatives are always in touch, they perform tasks efficiently and respond promptly to requests. Considering all of the above and our existing experience of working with Kub3 , we can say that we made the right choice.

We protect you against loss of investment

Other vendors sometimes do not give over source codes and comments on the implementation in case of contract termination. If client wants to continue refining the solution, he has to spend time and independently retrieve data through the interface or pay extra money to the vendor.

Life experience:

A client contacted us to import data from CRM using Microsoft SQL Server. We communicated with technical support specialists of the system, but they missed deadlines: they put away for later with any question, and after a week gave us poor information. As a result, we independently studied the tables and fields and made the import without any help of technical support. But if we had a donor system in our disposal, the transition would have passed much faster, and the client would not suffer those problems.

Semenov Andrey
The project manager on the part of the customer, "GREENWAY".

We are an innovative company operating in such a complex business sector as customs clearance. Effective work with clients has an unsurpassed significance for us. Carefully we investigated CRM system to form the basis of our business, we chose not only the product itself, but also a team able to solve the problems of adapting this software to our business. After we've passed the most of implementation path, we are pleased that we made the right choice, when trusted Kub3. In the face of Kub3 we found a partner capable to build technological processes correctly using their best experience, on the one hand, and on the other hand, to find reasonable technical solutions for implementing these processes in SuiteCRM.

We create convenient conditions for remote collaboration.

Our office is located in Israel, but it does not prevent us from cooperating remotely with clients all over the world.

Life experience:

A project manager of Kub3 used to visit a client in another city. But often key employees were absent because of business trips or due to other reasons. It was necessary to arrange additional meetings, and it took much time. Therefore we started a remote service recording of all meetings. That is other users could read the post and comment. As a result, labor costs and travel expenses reduced, work coordination improved.

We help your employees to master the program

When you get used to write information in notebooks or rely on memory, it is difficult to transfer all work to CRM. Therefore, sometimes users ignore the requirements and continue to write everything on stickers instead of fixing it in the program. We use 3 methods to prevent this from happening, and employees began to work in CRM with pleasure.

What we do:
  • We automate daily repetitive tasks saving your time on routine operations.
  • We develop standard procedures for the use of CRM, so that employees easily get accustomed to the program.
  • We provide instructions and deliver remote and in-house trainings.
What you get:
  • Reducing labor costs and increasing employees' loyalty to CRM.
  • Motivation for employees to work in CRM.
  • Quick adaptation to the program.
Life experience:

Employees of a company daily filled out manually reports for the management. That was annoying and took a lot of time. Implementing CRM, we automated that process. Employees now are motivated to enter the data to CRM in order to send a reliable report and are happy not to fill in the fields manually. We prevented users' sabotage.

Fomenko Ivan
Director of Innovation, LASER CENTER

I initiated the implementation of CRM system in LASER CENTER. Fortunately specialists of Kub3 managed to explain the leaders of our company why we needed CRM. And they successfully implemented it, overcoming the unwillingness of employees to work in a new way. Now we all are experienced users of CRM and can not live without it. Thanks to Kub3 for truly customer-oriented approach, their striving to perform as best as possible for us.

We guarantee
Two-level testing
before delivery

Two-level testing before delivery: code testing performed by an independent developer, bug testing

Free support

Six months post-implementation warranty

Delivery of work on time

Penalties for missing deadlines (according to the contract)

Stages of work
Personal meeting: business analysis and technical requirements

What we do?

  • We analyse as-is business processes, discuss the principles of business automation.
  • We ask users what could simplify and accelerate their work.
  • We prepare technical requirements

Our goal:

Clearly understand how to speed up and simplify workflow and solve customer's tasks.

You get:

  • Automation solution tailored to your tasks
  • Technical requirements with stages, expected results, deadlines, prices

* If you provide us with detailed description of your business processes, we will immediately proceed to writing technical requirements

Agile development

What we do?

We split the CRM development process into 2 consecutive phases.

  • When phase 1 is completed, we commence with phase 2 development and at the same time seek users’
  • feedback and improve what had been done in the first phase.

At each stage we test the system and eliminate errors.

Our goal:

Speed up development, create user-friendly system, and automate additional operations.

You get:

A thorough-tested, ready for implementation, CRM solution tailored to your business goals.

Go Live

What we do?

  • Integrate CRM into the existing system
  • Provide user training

Our goal:

Make the implementation phase as quick and comfortable as possible

You get:

The opportunity to work in CRM with pleasure and achieve the goals of the company.

Technical support
6-months free suppor

What we do?

We continue improving the CRM solution

Our goal:

Further customization of the CRM solution to the new tasks and requirements of your company

You get:

A CRM solution that develops with the company and adapts to innovations.

How much does it cost?
What’s included into the cost:

Suite CRM license is free

0 $

development, testing, meetings, discussions, etc.

1 000 $

technical support

2 000 $

Preliminary cost estimation can be given after the initial discussion of the project, final quotation will be given after business analysis is carried out and technical requirements are defined.

Our projects price range can vary from

10 000 $
300 000 $
The least expensive project
The most expensive project
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