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Automation of law firms and consultations
for individuals and legal entitiesbased on SuiteCRM

Even companies that operate in the same industry have different business processes and goals. This is why we do not offer template solutions for automation, we develop unique CRM solutions that helps solving specific tasks of your company.

SuiteCRM is good for you, if you often hear from your call centre, lawyers or consultants:

  • I forgot to call the customer because my reminder didn't work
  • I will have to manually fill out reports, it will take several days
  • Call centre does not cope with the number of calls, customers miss their appointments
  • We have overlapping consultations with different clients
  • The documents were not prepared on time

How can CRM help?

Law firms sometimes face similar problems. Therefore, we are happy to show how CRM can help and share our experience in automating common business processes.

Business process Fulfilled improvement
Workflow control
  • Registration of incoming applications from all sources: online consultant, website, call centre, social networks, sales offices.
  • Automatic appointments scheduling
  • Automatic checks of lawyers’ availability
  • Appointment reminders sent to the customers
Enhancing employees’ performance
  • Drafting contracts and offers
  • Planning lawyers’ & assistants’ activities: reminders, mailing lists, setting tasks for processes
Storing customer data and documentation, financial indicators, significant events, history of negotiations and correspondence, etc.
  • Creating single customer database
  • Consolidating data from all sources.
  • Processes automation
  • Registration of provided services and support
Organization of work with clients with court hearings or records management.
  • Automated reminders
  • Task setting for individual projects
  • Control of availability of documents
  • Running reports on lawyers’ performance
  • Creating KPI and end-to-end analytic dashboards
  • Marketing reports (analysis of the effectiveness of advertising channels)
  • Customized reports on selected fields and tags

We implemented 3 projects
for Russian and international companies

We assign a dedicated team experienced in developing CRM for law firms. It allows:

  • To reduce development and implementation time
  • To save your budget, as we do not spend hours to create each module from scratch
  • To share experiences and offer effective solutions
  • To guarantee the launch of the project on time, as we know how long the work will take

Protect against loss of investment

  • We will give over the source codes and recommendations in case of contract termination
  • For security reasons, we suggest installing CRM on your company's server

We create convenient conditions for remote collaboration

  • We arrange personal meetings with clients
  • We arrange Skype meetings
  • We give you access to the project management system so that you can track the progress
  • Terms and deadlines are fixed in the contract

We help your employees to master the program

  • We automate daily repetitive tasks saving your time on routine operations
  • We develop standard procedures for the use of CRM, so that employees easily get accustomed to the program
  • We provide instructions and deliver remote and in-house trainings

We guarantee

  • Two-level testing before delivery: code testing performed by an independent developer, bug testing
  • Six months post-implementation warranty
  • Penalties for missing deadlines (according to the contract)

Stages of work

Personal meeting: business analysis and technical requirements

What we do?

  • We analyse as-is business processes, discuss the principles of business automation.
  • We ask users what could simplify and accelerate their work.
  • We prepare technical requirements

Our goal:

Clearly understand how to speed up and simplify workflow and solve customer's tasks.

You get:

  • Automation solution tailored to your tasks
  • Technical requirements with stages, expected results, deadlines, prices

* If you provide us with detailed description of your business processes, we will immediately proceed to writing technical requirements

Agile development

What we do?

We split the CRM development process into 2 consecutive phases.

  • When phase 1 is completed, we commence with phase 2 development and at the same time seek
  • users’ feedback and improve what had been done in the first phase.

At each stage we test the system and eliminate errors.

Our goal:

Speed up development, create user-friendly system, and automate additional operations.

You get:

A thorough-tested, ready for implementation, CRM solution tailored to your business goals.

Go Live

What we do?

  • Integrate CRM into the existing system
  • Provide user training

Our goal:

Make the implementation phase as quick and comfortable as possible

You get:

The opportunity to work in CRM with pleasure and achieve the goals of the company.

Technical support
6-months free support!

What we do?

We continue improving the CRM solution

Our goal:

Further customization of the CRM solution to the new tasks and requirements of your company

You get:

A CRM solution that develops with the company and adapts to innovations.

How much does it cost?

What’s included into the cost:

Suite CRM license is free

0 $

development, testing, meetings, discussions, etc.

800 $

technical support

200 $

Preliminary cost estimation can be given after the initial discussion of the project, final quotation will be given after business analysis is carried out and technical requirements are defined.

Preliminary cost of various modules.

Business cluster Module / Integration Starting cost, US Dollar, $ per module
Work with applications One-time and regular consultations, court hearings, records management 500 $
Multi-currencies 500 $
Additional Products Offers 300 $
Registration of licenses, constituent documents, passport data 1 000 $
Lawyer's assessment 300 $
Upload of offers, presentations in different formats 30 000 $
Counterparties Clients, Beneficiaries, Off-shore, Partners, Suppliers, Holdings, Competitors, Contacts 800 $
Integration Sites, Landings 1 500 $
Telephony 800 $
Online consultants, various bots and instant messengers 500 $
Mailing Services 500 $
OutLook 300 $
Processes, Reports, KPI Setting up reports, processes, indicators, notifications 300 $

Our projects price range can vary from

10 000 $
300 000 $
The least expensive project
The most expensive project

Yes, it might be more expensive than a brand new car.

But CRM helps saving your time, automating business processes, increasing productivity and consequently profitability of your company. As a result, the investment pays off in 3 months to 1 year.

4 key indicators making our prices better than other vendors’


CRM Development

We have:

We do not offer template solutions, but our experience from previous projects helps us reduce time spent on development and implementation.

Thus each project is customized to specific clients’ tasks.

Other vendors do:

A template is used that is supplemented with ready-made modules.Specifics of your business are not taken into account, which slows down integration of the CRM and work in the system.


Project team

We have:

Project team will be assigned based on the customers’ goals and will include as many specialists as the business requires.

Other vendors do:

Fixed project team, regardless of the complexity of the project.


Protection against loss of investment

We have:

In case of contract termination we will give over all source codes. You can modify the program on your own or hire other specialists without paying for extracting the original data.

Other vendors do:

Do not give over source codes and comments on the implementation in case of contract termination. If client wants to continue refining the solution, he has to spend time and independently retrieve data through the interface.


Technical support

We have:

Free troubleshooting for 6 months.

Other vendors do:

Technical support for an extra charge.

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