How have we optimized the work of salesmen in a DIY store due to integration of CRM with Yandex.Maps?

Increased productivity
Control over the work of sales consultants

Stroymarket SATURN

'Saturn' is a DYI store selling building materials

The company is rated one of the best DYI stores in Russia according to INFOLine Advice Russia TOP.

The company works with both retail and wholesale customers.

The operate 49 stores in 25 cities across Russia, inventory list counts 28,000 SKUs.

What was the issue?

Why were sales consultants wasting their time?

Sales managers visited construction sites to offer building materials. As meeting schedules were not aligned, some sites were visited twice, while others were overlooked


How we aligned the work of sales consultants?

We implemented CRM and integrated it with Yandex.Maps. Now all construction sites to be visited are marked with multi-coloured signs in Yandex,Maps application. Sales consultants plan their visit routes in CRM, which become visible to other team members, which allows avoiding double-visits and saves time.

Managers use CRM system to check current status of each construction site, sales rep responsible for it, and pending tasks list. New objects are added into the system, displayed on the map, and a manager can appoint a person in charge.

Lyalin Leonid

Usually CRM is integrated with Yandex.Maps in order to automate delivery or a visit request processing and to plan travel time with live traffic updates. We went one step further and offered to use CRM to help sales reps organize their work efficiently.

Firstly we implemented CRM where all objects and work tasks were listed. And then we came up with a new solution. Now consultants do not interfere with each other’s work.

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