Creating a single customer database in CRM increased sales revenues by 20%

Increase of marketing events effectiveness
Improve customer loyalty

Software Developer “ Mezon”

Mezon Group of Companies works in the following areas: development, implementation and promotion of free software, development of Internet radio and useful Internet content for children. Online and offline sales.

What was the issue?

Why was a group of companies losing 20% of their profits?

Sales consultants could not match online store visitors with customers in brick-and-mortar stores, therefore promotions and additional sales did not work properly. The company was losing potential profits.


How we increased Company's profits by 20%?

CRM implementation enabled automatic customer identification and customer data collection. Now customers can get customized offers based on their purchases in online and offline stores. Key accounts get a personal manager to increase their loyalty and promote sales growth.

Frolov Pavel

Member of the project team

Customer relationship management is one of the essential functions of a CRM system.

Do you know how many customers online and offline stores serve? Without automation it is impossible to identify that for example this online store visitor ordered a software development in a brick-and-mortar store a week ago.

When you know your customers, you can personalize your offers to match their interests and increase the odds of a repeat purchase.

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