CRM can make application processing up to 24 times quicker

Cost and time efficient application processing
Higher volume of incoming requests

Customs broker “GreenWay”

'Greenway' customs broker is a major global logistics operator providing a full range of import and export services from supplier’s warehouse to customer’s warehouse, including customs clearance, transactions legal support, cargo consolidation, storage and handling etc. Greenway serves such customers as Gazprom and Metrostroi.

What was the issue?

Why was the company losing up to 30% of potential customers?

Customs clearance and transportation application processing time varied between 4 and 8 days. Customers didn't want to wait and turned to other logistics providers.


How to reduce application processing time to 4 hours?

Automated processing of applications for customs clearance and transportation now takes 4 hours instead of 4-8 days.

Semenov Andrey

Project manager on behalf of the customer, "GREENWAY".

We are an innovative company operating in such a complex business sector as customs clearance. Effective work with clients has an unsurpassed significance for us. When choosing CRM system that would become core to our business, we were selecting not only the product itself, but also the team able to tailor software to our business needs. Now, having accomplished major part of the implementation project, we are pleased that we had made the right choice and chose Kub3, the business partner that, on the one hand, can build technological processes correctly using their best experience, and on the other hand, find reasonable technical solutions for implementing these processes in SuiteCRM.

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