Creating a single call center in CRM system reduces number of lost customers to 0.

Increased customer satisfaction
Profit growth up to 18%

Typography “LenPechati”

“LenPechati” is a network of printing houses in Saint Petersburg. The company develops and manufactures seals, stamps, outdoor advertising, provides printing services, as well as printing on fabric. It has 8 offices across the city.

What was the issue?

The company was losing 50-70 potential customers every day

due to

As-Is scenario:

A customer would call an office with the closest location; the call would remain unanswered due to a large number of incoming calls and would not be returned. Thus, the company would lose 50 - 70 potential orders every day, whereas they could have been picked by another branch, were the calls automatically transferred to another office.


How to eliminate lost orders?

With the help of SuiteCRM we created a new module. Customers would be immediately transferred to a single call center, regardless of which of the 8 offices they dialled. Each call would be picked by an available member of the team, thus reducing waiting time.

An employee who answers the call can see information about the client in a pop-up window: which branch the client called, if this is a returning customer, status of the order etc.

CRM tracks all missed calls and automatically sets tasks for employees to call back.

Shutov Stepan Andreevich

As soon we learned how many potential clients the printing house was losing and why, we found the solution. Simple as it might seem, it brings excellent results. Thanks to a single call center, the Printing house gained more than just reducing a number of lost clients.

Waiting time reduced, and as a result, customers' satisfaction and loyalty increased. Not only the company gained more clients, but also more orders from returning customers.

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